Cal Leeming

Software Engineer, formerly known as Briton's most prolific hacker,

In a past life, known as one of Britain’s most prolific hackers, Leeming’s late nights were filled with a more criminal activity: Pilfering credit card data, which he used to buy electronics that he later sold on eBay. According to news reports on court hearings brought against him in 2006, Leeming stored over £100,000 ($160,000) from his ill-gotten eBay sales in his girlfriend’s bank account. He was caught in 2005 after having bought £750,000 worth of goods with over 10,000 stolen identities, and handed a 15-month jail sentence. After serving his time, he gave up criminal hacking and defected tom the other side of digital crime, helping companies with their cybersecurity and developing some of his own projects.

Cal is predominately a 'startup kid' having been involved with numerous startups in Silicon Valley, both as a software engineer and tech advisor. He was the co-founder of The Zebra, a successful insurance comparison site which went on to secure several million in funding, during its incubation period. He's also worked for high profile companies such as ARM and has active involvement in the financial and security sector.

Cal was most recently recognised for being on the recent ITV programme, Scammers, a programme discussing the Increasing crime in the UK and typically involving some form of cyber crime and with the Government secretly putting millions of pounds into new specialist
cyber cop units to identify, and catch, these 21st century crooks."

Twitter: @sleepycal

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